Question: How can I make the silence I enjoy more fruitful?

Sri Chinmoy: You can make the silence you enjoy more fruitful by making it more dynamic. Inside the silence you have to feel creation. Silence embodies both the unreal and the real. When you watch the silence with your outer vision, then you feel that it is not creating anything in you; there is no dynamism there. But when you watch the silence with your inner vision, you see that silence has not only created something inside you but silence is creation itself. So if you see creation inside yourself, then the silence will be more fruitful.

You may see creation that does not itself create; only it has been created. It is like a tree that has been created from a seed. If you feel that the tree is the ultimate, then it is all over. But if you see that from the tree there will be some fruits, then the creation goes on. A tree and its fruits are inseparable. If you look at the fruit, then you will be looking at the tree. Again, if a tree does not have fruits and flowers, then it is not a tree at all. Here the tree is silence. If you dive deep within yourself, you will see that silence and its fruits have become one. If you see a tree, only a tree, then the creation is over; but if you feel that the tree will give flowers, fruits and new seeds, then your silence-tree becomes fruitful. So every time you see silence-creation, try to feel that from this creation another creation is taking place. Then you will be complete. At that time you will get continuous progress and continuous achievement from the thing that has already been created.

So, please feel that something has to come out of silence; then only will the silence be fruitful. Please feel that the silence is giving you something; then it becomes soulful and fruitful. Otherwise, it will all be barren — only an isolated experience, an isolated reality. In order for it to become fruitful, you have to feel that it embodies something and that it will give you something.