Part VI — Interview on KPFA Radio

SE 40-50. On 1 June 1973, Sri Chinmoy was interviewed on radio station KPFA in Berkeley, California.

Question: I would like to ask you about the meaning of the goal of attaining inseparable oneness with God. I know that T.S. Eliot has said that at the end of all our journeying we will arrive at the place where we began, only to recognise it for the first time. Is this at all analogous to achieving total enlightenment?

Sri Chinmoy: It is practically the same thing. We go back to the Source. But we have to know that there is no end to our realisation of the Source. The Source is right now the Beyond, but we have to come to realise that this Beyond is the ever-transcending Beyond; it is not a final goal.

There is an inner urge in the human in us, as well as in the divine in us, to transcend itself. As there is no end to our human desires, so also there is no end to our divine realisation. The Beyond is the Goal right now, but when we reach the Beyond we feel that this Goal can be transcended. God Himself is transcending Himself at every moment. He is Omnipotent, He is Omniscient, He is Omnipresent; but He Himself is always transcending his own Realisation and Perfection.