Question: There are many paths in the West and in the East which claim to lead to the one goal of reaching the Supreme: Yoga, Tai Chi and Zen in the East and astrology, hermeticism and so forth in the West. Can you comment on these comparatively?

Sri Chinmoy: Unfortunately, I do not want to offer any comment because real Yoga does not enter into commentary or any kind of competition. Real Yoga includes everything. The path that we are following, the real Yoga, does not exclude anything. It says that everybody is right in his own way. As every religion is right, so also every path is right, every form of spiritual discipline is right.

I can speak only on my philosophy; you can speak on your philosophy or your religion. I live in my room, so I can tell you what I have in my room. I know that in one place I have my chair, in one place I have my books and in one place I have all my other possessions. I know what I have in my room and you know what you have in your room. Now, for me to speak about what you have in your room would be an act of foolishness. What do I know about your life? So in Zen and other paths, each teacher is most qualified to speak on his respective path. I do not make any comparison or pass any proud judgement on any other path because I am not authorised or qualified to do so.