Question: Would you please comment on something I read in a book by Paul Brunton? He said that secret and esoteric knowledge, the sort that used to be open only to the initiates of the mystical Egyptian religions and the Indian Yogis of centuries ago, is now becoming available to the many in the age of Aquarius, and that now many paths, if they are followed with integrity and openness, can offer people today the experiences that formerly had been available only to the chosen few. Do you see this type of cosmic change happening?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes. What Paul Brunton has said is perfectly right. Previously Yoga was confined to a select few; now Yoga is open to all. Previously, even in India, the land where it has always been practised, Yoga was confined to the limited few. But now the book of Yoga is no longer sealed; it is open to all. Unfortunately, we are seeing many false teachers, especially here in the West. But on the other hand, I wish to say that in America I have come across thousands of sincere seekers. So the world is progressing, the world is evolving. We are in the process of evolution. We see in the West as well as the East that the inner cry for truth, the ultimate Truth, has increased. And the book of Yoga is no longer sealed, but is now an open book.