8 February

Amrita-da said to Kalipada-da: "Please keep aside four thousand rupees for Baburam's father."

Kalipada-da said: "Why? I don't think he will come on his own to take the money back. Pradyut has borrowed this money from him for the Ashram. He must return it to him. Whenever the Mother is in financial difficulty, Mehra (Baburam's father) helps Her. Who else would do this? He never thinks of himself or of his big family. He only thinks of the Mother and his spiritual family, the Ashram."

Around one o'clock Amrita-da took Kameshwar with him in a car and went to Baburam's place to return the money.

[I offer my most sincere gratitude to my Baburam for meeting with the expenses of my ticket from Madras to New York.]