4 February

"How is Nirmala today? Have the doctors decided when they are going to operate?"

"Arpita-di told me that the doctors have given Nirmala-di a blood transfusion and that she is looking fine. Arpita-di asked me to tell you something else."

"What is it?"

"She says that Nirmala-di is sad that the Mother has to spend fifteen rupees a day to keep her in the hospital."

"Chinmoy, you tell your sister to inform Nirmala-di that she does not have to think of such things. Instead of thinking of the Mother's financial problems, she must think only of her own health problems."

At that point Arita-da happened to pass by and he overheartd the phrase 'health problems'. He said to Nolini-da: "I overheard your conversation. You were telling Chinmoy about Nirmala's health problems. What are you going to do about my ignorance problem?" Then, without saying another word, he just walked away.

Nolini-da burst into laughter and said: "Amrita, our eternal Amrita." Then he said: "Come with me. I have something for you to give to Nirmala." I followed him into his room, where he gave me some of the Mother's prasad for Nirmala-di.