24 February

In the afternoon at around three o'clock I was typing in the flower-room. My friend Prahllad came in and started telling me all about his grievances against some of the dining room workers. Suddenly Nolini-da came in, surprising and frightening both of us. Nolini-da said to me: "Can you ask Sisir to come and listen to Anirvan's tape on Sri Aurobindo's Savitri? I shall hear it at my place. You can also invite a few more literary-minded individuals."

I invited Sisir-da. On the way I met Jugal-da, Parichand-da and Satinath-da. I invited them also to come at five o'clock to listen to Anirvan's tape. About fifteen lovers of literature came and Nolini-da played the tape. Nolini-da's comment: "I enjoyed it especially towards the end. I enjoyed it deeply."