27 February

A certain Mukherjee came to Nolini-da and said: "Nolini-da, Poddar is asking me to go out and give a few talks on Sri Aurobindo. What will the Mother think of it?"

Nolini-da said: "Why do you involve the Mother in this matter? If you feel it proper from within, then go. If not, remain in the Ashram peacefully."

Mukherjee said: "But I am staying in the Ashram. I cannot do anything without the Mother's permission or approval."

Nolini-da said: "Indeed, indeed, but I am afraid I don't appreciate that kind of sentiment. To have real devotion and love for the Mother is one thing, but to show this devotion and love to others is a totally different matter. Usually the Mother does not give an opinion when people want to go out and talk about Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. You make your own decision."

Mukherjee said: "In that case, I shall think it over."

In ten minutes' time he came back and said to Nolini-da: "I have weighed the pros and cons and I have come to the conclusion that Bengal needs my service. So I am going."

Nolini-da said: "That's fine. I am glad that you are not involving the Mother in this matter."