10 May

Amrita-da said to me: "Chinmoy, today you must type the birthday list for the Mother. She wanted it yesterday."

I said to Amrita-da: "Yesterday Champaklal-di gave me two special messages to type for the Mother which he said were urgent."

"Chinmoy, don't involve me in your problems with Champaklal. I tell you, mine is much more important than his."

"Amrita-da, to be very frank with you, I have not yet had the opportunity of experiencing your anger, while I have had personal and impersonal, direct and indirect, experiences of our Champaklal-ji's divine outbursts. Therefore, I leave aside everything else whenever he asks me to do something for the Mother. True, I have experienced Champaklal-ji's divine outbursts, but I have also been inundated a good many times with his divine affection, love and concern."

"Chinmoy, you are not only right but also clever. You are a poet, but I can easily see that you could have become a good lawyer, too."

Around four o'clock I gave Amrita-da the birthday list, typed as neatly as possible. He said to me: "Chinmoy, yesterday you satisfied the Mother in Champaklal, today you are satisfying the Mother in me."