28 March

Kalipada-da, Rose-di and Satinath-da were working in Amrita-da's room. Around eleven o'clock in the morning Amrita-da said to me: "Chinmoy, yesterday I read your article on Raja Rammohan. You all are Bengalis here; I am the only non-Bengali. I must say that all you Bengalis are rajas and ranis (kings and queens) of imagination."

Rose-di said: "Amrita-da, what you say is perfectly true. But unfortunately we have all lost our kingdoms, so we are crownless kings and queens."

At this point Sahana-di entered the room. Amrita-da said: "Don't worry, Sahana can easily solve that problem for you. She can afford not only to buy you crowns but also to crown you."

Sahana-di said: "What? What? What kind of arrow, Amrita, are you hurling at me?"

"We are not aiming arrows at you. We are just admiring your supernatural capacities and qualities," he replied.