6 April

Nolini-da said: "Ranju, yesterday I received a letter from Ajit (Bose). He said he was one hundred per cent sure of winning the coveted President's prize. Today I received a telegram from him saying that he has indeed won the prize."

Ranju-da said: "Then shall we congratulate him by wire?"

"Yes. The Mother has asked me to wire him Her blessings. Do you know where his office is?"

"Yes. Aurora Film, and I know the full address."

Nolini-da said: "That's fine."

A few minutes later Robi-da (his youngest son) entered into the room and began talking with me while I was working with the files. Then Nolini-da came in and said: "Have you heard the good news?"

Robi-da said: "No, we haven't. What is it?"

"Ajit's Nivedita film has won the President's prize and also a gold medal. We all know that twenty thousand rupees is nothing for him. But the most important thing is that he started this film with the Mother's blessings and took my advice several times while making it."