12 April

Eight-thirty a.m. I was entering the room to work. Nolini-da said to me: "Chinmoy, immediately find that Rumanian article! I need it badly. I do not know which file I put it in. This time I have really created a problem for you."

I gave him a smile and said: "No problem at all." It took me twenty minutes to find the article, which had been put in the wrong file. He was extremely happy that I had found it and he said to me: "I wanted to read it last night at the playground, but I shall read it next week. Now I shall tell you which are the important files and which are the unimportant files. As you see, there are about two hundred files. You have to take full care of them. Try to know them by heart."

I said: "I shall."

At this moment Champaklal-ji came in and said: "Nolini-da, Nolini-da, the Mother wants to dictate something." Nolini-da immediately grabbed a pencil and ran. Forty-five minutes later he came in with Amrita-da. Noticing that his face was very serious and grave, I immediately ran out of the room.

That afternoon, when I returned to the room, Ranju-da was working at his desk. As soon as I entered, Nolini-da said: "Let me tell both of you that the Mother's crisis is over." Ranju-da and I were overjoyed.

I said to Nolini-da: "I have heard that you had a very significant dream recently. Is it true?"

He said: "Yes, it is true. But I want to live in the world of reality and not in the world of dreams. For some time I wish to work on three or four things together. This red file I shall use. I shall work on my Smritir Pata, on the translation of Savitri and on the translation of the Rig-Veda. See that I don't misplace them."