19 April

"Nolini-da, yesterday while I was at the guest house I happened to meet two old American ladies. They said they were very deeply moved by the penetrating and illumining look of your eyes. One of them bought eight books of yours and has already finished reading them. She said to me that she has gained much wisdom and light, inner and outer, from your writings. Most of all she liked your book The Coming Race. I told her that that was your first book, which came out even before Sri Aurobindo's Siddhi, 24 November 1926 (when Sri Aurobindo attained his spiritual Perfection.) They would like a picture of you to take back to America."

Just then Rajen-da passed by and Nolini-da said to him: "Rajen, have you heard that two American ladies want to take my picture all the way to America? All right, if I cannot give them a good picture of mine I shall give them a copy of my Bengali book Kabir Manishi. They will find a very good picture of me in that book."

"They would like to visit Sri Aurobindo's room."

Nolini-da said: "That is Champaklal's job, so ask him. But I don't think it will be possible for him to show them Sri Aurobindo's room since the Mother is not feeling well and he has to remain with Her constantly."

Around four o'clock I was typing in the flower-room when Nolini-da came in and said: "I have spoken to Champaklal and he has agreed to show the American ladies Sri Aurobindo's room tomorrow at twelve-thirty. Go and inform them."