1 June

"So, Chinmoy, Amal has spoken to you?"

I said: "Yes, he has."

"You had to wait for a long time," Nolini-da said.

"I am so grateful that you are finally allowing me to continue my play on Sri Aurobindo in the Mother India."

He gave me a significant smile.

I said to him: "Yesterday in the playground you told us that it would be your last sitting. How I wish that you would tell about your musical experiences and your sports life at the playground."

"Oh no, those are my personal experiences. They are too personal."

"Rabindranath, in his Jiban Smriti, and Nabin Sen, in his Amar Jiban, revealed quite a few personal experiences," I said.

"Chinmoy, as you know, I am neither Rabindranath nor Nabin Sen. I am your Nolini-da and I would be embarrassed to read out those experiences in the playground."

I said to him: "But I have heard from an authoritative source that your musical experiences and your sports life will be published in Vartika."

"I see, I see. If ever they are published in Vartika, then you must know that it was not my doing but Ranju's."

Then we both smiled.