"Venkat was also waiting at the door"

Venkat was also waiting at the door, holding a copy of Bharati. He offered the magazine to Nolini-da and said: "Here is my translation of your Smriti Pata." (Venkat had translated a portion of Nolini's autobiograpphy into his mother tongue, Hindi.)

"Ah, I have already seen a copy of it. I liked it very much."

Venkat then said to Nolini-da: "Please tell me if you have ever written anything on Lord Krishna."

Nolini-da gave him a smile and said: "Well, I am the wrong person to ask. Go and ask Chinmoy."

I said to Venkat: "Although Nolini-da has not written an article specifically on Sri Krishna, he has written quite a few things on Sri Krishna at various places. I shall collect them and give them to you."

Nolini-da said to Venkat: "So you see, your problem is immediately solved."