18 June

Early in the morning Samar came to Nolini-da and prostrated himself before him. "Dada, may I go to church regularly?" he asked.

Nolini-da said to him: "Go! Go anywhere you want to, only don't come to me. Samar, I warn you, don't keep one leg in one boat and another leg in another boat, or you will fall into the sea of ignorance. Either go to church or remain in the Ashram."

Samar said: "But I go to church and repeat the Mother's name."

Nolini-da became furious. "For God's sake, leave me alone. Today I have most important things to do."

"Dada, to me you are like my own father."

"Indeed, what an honour to have a son like you!" Nolini-da replied.