30 June

I was typing in the flower-room when Nolini-da came up to me and said: "Chinmoy, fifty years ago one of my toes was badly injured while I was playing football, but I recovered. Once I recovered, there was no pain at all, but now it seems that the pain has come back and I can't do athletics anymore."

I said to him: "Nolini-da, it seems your body does not want you to participate anymore in athletic competition."

"I see, I see. Chinmoy, I know that you are not going to participate in athletics this year; you have had enough of it. But you must practise every day without fail to keep your body fit."

"I do that. Prahllad is my witness."

"I don't need your best friend to support your case. I believe you. You know, Chinmoy, I don't like to participate in athletics anymore either, but there are various reasons why I still have to."

I said: "I fully understand that."

He said: "I am glad that you understand it."