1 August

Motakaka (Charupada) handed a letter to Amrita-da for the Mother, requesting him to read the letter. Amrita-da went upstairs and read the letter to the Mother. When he brought it back, he asked Rose-di to put the letter inside an envelope and seal it. A few hours later, when the sadhak came back to Amrita-da to learn about the letter, Amrita-da gave him the envelope and said: "Who says this is a letter? You must teach me English."

At that moment Nolini-da happened to enter Amrita-da's room. The sadhak said: "Nolini-da, Amrita-da always cuts jokes with me."

"What else can he do? Why do you forget that this is his nature?" Nolini-da replied.

"I must say that it is not my nature, but my poor fate," Amrita-da said.