27 August

Early in the morning I went to Nolini-da and made my most devoted pranam to him. He was very pleased. At noon I went to Amrita-da and told him that I would like to have a group picture with him and Nolini-da.

Amrita-da said: "With Nolini? Has he agreed?"

"Yes, he has agreed. Only now I need you."

"Is Nolini ready?"

"He is," I said.

"If Nolini is ready, I am already ready. Come along. Let us make you immortal or let you make us immortal on your birthday."

Indeed, it was a classic picture. Nolini-da and Amrita-da were sitting in chairs. I was standing behind Nolini-da and Kalipada-da was standing behind Amrita-da.