26 January

In the morning, while I was going through the money order coupons, Nolini-da said to me: "This evening I shall read out something very special and significant about my first meeting with Sri Aurobindo and then I shall read out Amrita's autobiography. Sisir has asked me to read out the English version of my meeting with Sri Aurobindo. Sisir feels that if it is read in English, the non-Bengalis can also enjoy it. What do you think of this idea?"

"Your Bengali will always be matchless," I said. "When you read out your articles in Bengali, I get tremendous joy, and when you read out your English articles, I also get tremendous joy. But when you read out others' translations of your Bengali articles, unfortunately I do not get the same joy. I feel something is missing, though I don't know what it is."

He said: "You do know what is missing from my writings which have been translated by others it is my original depth. Anyway, what can I do? This time I shall listen to Sisir's request. Next time I shall definitely read in Bengali

"Today is Republic Day. More than half a century ago we tried to bring about independence in our own way. I shall read out to the Ashramites about our revolutionary activities."

After reading out his article he said: "Now I am going to read out Amrita's story of how he met — rather, did not meet — Sri Aurobindo for the first time."

At the end of his reading, Nolini-da's comment: "Indeed, it is an excellent experience, but Amrita stops very abruptly. It is just like eating half a rasgulla. I hope later on we will be supplied with a full one."

On the way back to Nolini-da's room, Yogananda-da and I were following him. I was carrying his thermos. He said to me: "I am glad that you brought the thermos today, and I am also glad that Yogananda gave me water to drink the moment I needed it so badly."