23 November

I was meditating in the Meditation Hall when I heard Amrita-da calling me. When I went to him he said: "What do you want?"

I said: "You called me."

He said: "No, no, you are wrong. This kind of message you get only from your meditation."

I was about to go away when he said to me: "Since you took the trouble of coming to me, I must give you something. Let me give you this fountain pen. Many, many years ago I got it from someone and I have used it myself for many, many years. If you hear who gave it to me, your ego will swell up. Therefore I shall not tell you." Then with a smile he said to me: "I was under the impression that you were a good meditator, but now I have changed my opinion. You are able to hear me call you during your so-called deep meditation."