My Lord, do prove to me
That You love me.

"My child, how?"

My Lord, if You can make me
And keep me happy
Only for an hour every day,
Then I shall feel
That You really love me.

"My child, do prove to Me
That you love Me."

My Lord, how?

"My child, if you can make Me
And keep Me happy
Only for five minutes every day,
Then I shall feel
That you really love Me.
My child, if you can please Me,
I shall make you and keep you happy,
Not only for an hour every day
But for the entire day."
My Lord, I want to make You happy,
But please show me the way.

"My child, just give Me
Your unconditional surrender
For five minutes every day.
My child, I want to keep you happy
Throughout the entire day.
Just show Me the way."
My Lord, just give me
Your Infinity's Affection
Your Immortality's Love.

SFL 44. 2 February 1995, New York