My dear God, my dearer God, my dearest God,
My sweet Lord, my sweeter Lord,
My sweetest Lord,
At my journey's start You blessed me
Most compassionately and most affectionately
With quite a few divine qualities.
My life's God, my heart's Lord,
In the future if once more I displease You,
Then You may take away
All the divine qualities
Save and except one:
Please, please, please keep with me
My obedience-heart
To breathe prayerfully, happily
And gloriously
In my mind, in my vital and in my body.

My life's God, my heart's Lord,
This morning my soul, that represents You
Divinely, supremely and eternally,
In soundless sound has told me
That if I continue displeasing You,
Either consciously or even unconsciously,
Then mine will be the life
Of utter failure-tears
At the end of my journey's close.

My life's God, my heart's Lord,
May my outer life of dedication
Become Your absolute Commander-Will-obedience-perfection.
May my inner heart of aspiration
Become Your absolute Commander-Will-

SFL 52. 12 January 1997, Kumamoto, Japan