Question: Is it advisable to pray to the Supreme to make a problem take a different form from what it now has?

Sri Chinmoy: No, it is not advisable. Everybody can pray in the morning to the Supreme, "Let Thy Will be done." That is a true prayer. But in the actual incidents that take place during the day, the desiring vital is asking one thing and the aspiring heart is asking something else. We see that our individual will does not surrender because of its own desiring qualities. But the aspiring heart will naturally want to be on the side of the Supreme's Will. Consciously and devotedly, if we take the side of the aspiring heart, then our individual will surrenders to the Will of the Supreme.

If you remember a time during the past fifteen or sixteen days, when you surrendered your will to the Will of the Supreme, then you should concentrate on that particular incident. It can inspire you to again offer your own individual will to the Will of the Supreme.