Question: How can your disciples accept you unconditionally?

Sri Chinmoy: If you try to accept me unconditionally, I will be happy and proud. But it is simply impossible with our limited aspiration, limited determination, limited devotion and dedication, to surrender unconditionally in the beginning. Each moment you have to think of me. Whatever you do, do it with the idea that you want only to please me and not to please yourself or others. When you have this feeling, you won't be able to do anything wrong because wrong things will never please me.

Before unconditional surrender there will be many other steps. If you try to climb up one step at a time, it will be much easier. Unconditional surrender is most difficult. It is the last stage of the journey, the last rung of the ladder. Many times before people reach the last rung, they will get tired and fall down and break their legs because the journey is very difficult.

Your surrender is your highest divine pride. One who is really divine can make absolute surrender, implicit surrender, unconditional surrender. Nobody can ever realise God unless he has made unconditional surrender. If you are under the impression that only a God-realised person can make unconditional surrender and that for ordinary human beings it is impossible, then you are mistaken. I did make unconditional surrender, long, long before I realised God. So everybody was like you once upon a time — even spiritual Masters.

There are many Masters who did not get unconditionally surrendered disciples and that is why they could not give realisation to their disciples. A child must have hunger for the mango and not for something else; a disciple must have hunger for realisation and not for something else. If I do get unconditionally surrendered disciples from any part of the world, then their names will be forever recorded in my heart. Not only that, but I will also declare their victory to the world. If a disciple does not achieve unconditional surrender, then he has to take incarnation again and again. But if he is praying and meditating most devotedly, according to his capacity, then naturally he will realise God long before others who are not aspiring at all.

Only the chosen few who are destined to play the major roles in the Mission of the Supreme can be surcharged with this dynamic light which is called surrender, conscious oneness with the Master's will and the capacity to see the Truth through the Master's eyes. The seeker has not to tell the Master, "O Master, show me the Light," No! Instead, the seeker must say, "Master, let me see the Truth through your eyes." There is the greatest difference between these two requests. When one wants to see the Truth through the Master's eyes, then the Truth is absolutely the purest. But when one wants to see the Truth directly with one's own eyes, without the Master's help, then the Truth may play some tricks on him.

Truth may come in the form of temptation and try to take you away from your path. You will see that, like ignorance, Truth also tries to tempt you when you go to it directly. But when you go to the Truth with the help of the Inner Pilot, the Master, then Truth in its absolute, divine aspect waits for you. At that time there can be no temptation. There is only the feeling of absolute realisation and oneness with the highest Truth. You have the greatest advantage when you see Truth with the Light of the Highest inside you, which is your Master, the Guru, the Supreme, the golden All.