Question: Is there an art to surrendering? If so, how can we learn it?

Sri Chinmoy: Surrender itself is an art, the supreme art. How will you learn this art of surrendering? It is through gratitude. Right now you want to surrender your existence to the Supreme. There are many in your spiritual family who do not even have the word 'surrender' in their spiritual dictionary; but in your dictionary you have now discovered the word 'surrender'. So you should be grateful to the Supreme. At last you know that surrender is the key, whereas your sister or brother disciple has nothing to do with surrender.

Others will feel that "Might is right," but in your case right has become might. If somebody asks, "What is your right?" you will say, "My right is to surrender to God and become His chosen instrument, His chosen child." The moment you have the feeling that you are chosen, you try to develop the capacity to express your gratitude to the Supreme, to the Inner Pilot, for His inner guidance. Then automatically surrender comes. You feel that with the inner guidance you are everything and without the inner guidance you are nothing.