Question: How can I integrate the process of surrender in my whole being, in my body, in my mind, in my vital, in my heart, in my soul? How can they all come forward to the Supreme's Will?

Sri Chinmoy: Feel that there is a ladder right in front of you. The first rung is the body, the second rung is the vital, a little higher is the mind, then a little higher is the heart and then finally comes the soul. You have to remember all the time that there are five rungs in the ladder, not one rung. You have to feel that even if you reach the first rung, you will not be totally safe: you may fall down. You have to continue to climb up step by step and then only can you use your surrender.

When you place your foot on the first rung, look up to see if there is anybody to lend you a hand. Just place your foot on the rung that is the body and look up. Immediately you will see that somebody from above is pulling you. He will pull you up to the vital step. Then again look up. Again his hand comes and pulls you to the mind-step, the mental plane. Each time he will see your sincerity. He will notice if you are looking up or not, if you want to go higher or if you are satisfied where you are. If he sees that again you want to go one step higher, he will pull you to the heart-rung, then to the soul-rung.

This is how you will integrate surrender in the entire being. First with your inner aspiration you try to feel that inside your gross physical body there is Peace, there is Light, there is Bliss, there is Energy. Never think that in the body there is nothing. We have put all kinds of doubts into our physical being, but there also, amidst all kinds of silly nonsense, there is a diamond. That diamond is the soul. Right now it is covered by all kinds of rubbish as the diamond is covered by coal. But if we empty our inner vessel, we immediately see the diamond.

In your case, to integrate your surrender is to make yourself feel that there is not a single portion of your body where God or Light or Truth does not exist. Just touch your finger: immediately you have to feel that God is there. Just touch your knee, God is there. Don't think, "Oh, God cannot be in my leg, in my foot. He will remain deep inside me." Do not neglect the physical, thinking that the physical is integrally one with the vital. Do not neglect the vital, thinking that the vital is integrally one with the mind. No, everything has its own place. Without the physical you cannot do anything. If you are sick, then you cannot work or meditate, no matter how much you want to. The necessities of the physical are of paramount importance. Again, if you don't have the dynamic urge of the vital, you will never be able to do anything. And if you don't have the mind, you are lost, because the mind tells you where to go and what to do. Then you have the heart which tells you what is pleasing and satisfying. Each member of your family must cooperate with you and with each other. When all the members of your family cooperate with one another, divine Light illumines your entire being.