Question: How do you achieve perfection?

Sri Chinmoy: Each time you aspire, I wish to tell you that your perfection is increasing. Inside your aspiration, perfection is growing and glowing. Sincere aspiration means the opening of the perfection-lotus. A lotus, you know, has many petals. Each time you aspire most soulfully, one petal of the lotus blooms. And when one petal blossoms, it means perfection is increasing in the entire lotus.

Right now, your idea of perfection, your goal, is realisation. That is your height of perfection. But when you realise God, at that time your aim will be to manifest God through your nature’s transformation. Realisation is transformation into perfection; but complete perfection is the transformation of the human nature into the Divine Nature. There have been quite a few Masters who never cared for the transformation of their nature. This is a more difficult task than realisation. But nature’s transformation is real perfection, for by bringing down divinity into your earthly human nature, you will be perfecting your outer life, which is a portion of the outer world.