Question: After a disciple has realised God, will he always serve you in the inner world?

Sri Chinmoy: After you have realised God, why should you serve me? You will not serve me, but you will serve God, the Supreme, the boundless infinite Consciousness. If you serve the infinite Consciousness of the Supreme, you serve me, because I am part and parcel of that infinite Consciousness; that is where I dwell in my inner life. But whom will you actually be serving? You will not be serving me, you will not be serving the Supreme; you will be serving yourself, your own highest aspect. The Supreme is not a third person, and I am not a third person. Once we are realised, we are all one. On the strength of your highest oneness with the infinite Consciousness, you will be serving the One in three forms: the Supreme in His own aspects, the Supreme as your spiritual teacher and the Supreme as yourself. But the personality, the individuality that I have in this incarnation, you will not serve when you have realised the Highest.

Right now I am serving, serving, serving. I am serving my disciples and trying to manifest the Supreme on earth. Right now you, my disciples, have a little faith in me; that is why you are trying to manifest the Supreme. But practically nobody is serving Him consciously. If you had really been serving the Supreme, by this time you could have offered abundant Light to the world at large. You are serving in a way, but not spontaneously, wholeheartedly and lovingly.

When you realise God, at that time you will really know me. Now you do not know me. Among my disciples, not even a single one knows me. You say, “Sometimes Guru goes into a very high consciousness,” but you do not actually know where my consciousness is. What I am you will realise only the day you realise God, not one second before. Right now when I talk of Infinity or Eternity, it is all meaningless to you. Some of you, with great difficulty, try to digest what I say, but you find it difficult to assimilate. But when you realise God, at that time you will understand me.