Question: Could you speak a little more extensively about the experience of nirvikalpa samadhi?

Sri Chinmoy: Nirvikalpa samadhi cannot be explained by any individual, no matter how great he is. It is an experience which can be understood only by trying to identify and become one with someone who has attained the experience. We must try to enter into the experience rather than ask the experience to come to our level. When we enter into nirvikalpa samadhi, the experience itself is the reality. But when we want to tell others, to put it into words, we have to come down very far and use the mind; we have to couch the experience in human concepts. Therefore, the consciousness of nirvikalpa samadhi can never be adequately explained or expressed. The revelation of the experience can never be like the original experience.

I am trying my best to tell you about this from a very high consciousness, but still my mind is subtly expressing it. In nirvikalpa samadhi we have no mind. We see the Creator, the Creation and the Observer as one Person. There the object of adoration and the person who is adoring become totally one; the Lover and the Beloved become totally one. We go beyond everything, and at the same time we see that everything is real. Here in the ordinary world I will say you are unreal and you will say I am unreal because of our different opinions. But in nirvikalpa samadhi we go beyond all differences; there the mind does not function at all.

When we enter into nirvikalpa samadhi, the first thing we feel is that our heart is larger than the universe itself. Now we see the world around us, and the universe seems infinitely larger than we are. But this is because the world and the universe are now perceived by the limited mind. When we are in nirvikalpa samadhi, we see the universe like a tiny dot inside our vast heart.

In nirvikalpa samadhi there is infinite Bliss. There is nothing in comparison to the quantity, not to speak of the quality, of that Bliss. Bliss is a vague word to most of us. We hear that there is something called Bliss, and some people say they have experienced it, but most of us have no firsthand knowledge of it. When we enter into nirvikalpa samadhi, however, we not only feel Bliss, but we grow into that Bliss.

The third thing we feel in nirvikalpa samadhi is Power. All the power that all the occultists have put together is nothing compared with the Power we have in nirvikalpa samadhi. But the power that we can take from samadhi to utilise on earth is infinitesimal compared with the entirety. It is like what we require to blink our eye. All this I am expressing through the mind; it is not exact. But I cannot express with words more of the truth that I have realised.

I wish to say only that to enter into any level of samadhi is infinitely easier than to transform the human consciousness into the divine consciousness. That I have been trying to do, you have been trying to do, the Supreme has been trying to do. All of us here are trying for only one thing, and that is the transformation of human nature — physical, vital, mental and psychic. When that is done, perfect Perfection will dawn both here on earth and there in Heaven.

How can this transformation take place? Through aspiration. The world has to aspire, creation has to aspire, and only then can the spiritual Masters bring down Heaven onto earth. Heaven, as we say, is a state of consciousness. In samadhi, all is Heaven, all is Bliss, Light, Peace. But when we come down into the world again, all is suffering, darkness, fear, worry. How can we make a conscious connection between this world of ours and the highest state of samadhi? Through constant aspiration. There is no other medicine but constant aspiration, not for a day or two, but for a whole lifetime. To realise God takes many, many incarnations. But when you have a fully realised spiritual Master, it becomes much easier. It may take you one incarnation, or two, or three or four. Otherwise, for a normal human being it takes many, many hundreds of incarnations, even to attain the higher experiences or so-called minor realisations. But a realised Master knows the souls and stays in the souls. Since he can do this, it is easy for him to deal with each aspirant according to his soul’s necessity, for his soul’s development and fulfilment.