Question: If a Master is in sahaja samadhi all the time, does that mean nirvikalpa samadhi is not fulfilling to him?

Sri Chinmoy: If one is in sahaja samadhi, in one sense nothing can fulfil him because he is already fulfilled in his inner life. As an individual, he has gone beyond fulfilment. When one is in sahaja samadhi, there is nothing more for him to achieve or learn. The Master may not be a carpenter, but he has such oneness with the universe that he can identify with a carpenter and make himself feel in his own living consciousness that he is that carpenter. At that time, the Master’s being and the carpenter’s whole being are totally one.

But when it is a matter of the fulfilment of everyone within the Master — fulfilment in him and for the Supreme — that is not yet done. When it is a matter of manifestation, he is stuck. In that he is not fulfilled. My own personal realisation I achieved long, long ago. But when it is a matter of the fulfilment of those whom I call my own, in that I am not yet fulfilled. In the outer life, in the manifestation, I will be fulfilled only when you are fulfilled, when he is fulfilled, when she is fulfilled. If somebody leads a better life, if somebody prays for five minutes most soulfully, that is my fulfilment. If you pray most sincerely, one minute more than you did yesterday, that is my real fulfilment, because of my oneness with you.