Question: Do you teach your disciples any specific technique for attaining samadhi?

Sri Chinmoy: No. Samadhi is a very high state of consciousness. If the beginner comes to kindergarten and asks the teacher how he can study for his Master’s degree, the teacher will simply laugh. He will say, “How can I tell you?” Before we are ready to try to attain samadhi, we have to go through many, many, many inner spiritual experiences. Then there comes a time when the Master sees that the student is ready to enter into savikalpa samadhi. Nirvikalpa samadhi is out of the question for seekers right now. One has to be a most advanced seeker before he can think of attaining nirvikalpa samadhi. But before that, savikalpa samadhi is enough. If one gets savikalpa samadhi, it is more than enough for quite a number of years, even for this lifetime.

Nirvikalpa samadhi one gets only in the highest stage of his aspiration. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone among my disciples now whom I can help to enter into that state. I am very proud of my disciples. They are very sincere, very devoted, and they are making very fast progress; but the time has not come for them to enter into nirvikalpa samadhi. For all seekers I wish to say that the spiritual ladder has quite a few rungs. We have to climb up one step at a time. Nirvikalpa samadhi, for my disciples at least, is a far cry right now.