Question: If someone has realised God, why would he want to leave the higher Bliss and come down into the darkness of the earth to help others?

Sri Chinmoy: There are some spiritual Masters who do not care for the manifestation of their inner Divinity or, you can say, for the manifestation of God’s Divinity on earth. They do not care for the transformation of the earth-consciousness. They say to the world, “If I try to help you, your doubts, fears anxieties, worries, limitations and bondages will all enter into me. I worked hard for my own realisation, so the best thing is for you also to work hard for your realisation. If you work hard, God will never deny you the fruits.”

Again, there are some spiritual Masters who do care for the illumination of the earth-consciousness. They see that they are eating most delicious food or drinking nectar in the inner world, while their brothers are deprived of it. This kind of Master identifies with humanity and feels it is his business to awaken the consciousness of his fellow human beings, his slumbering brothers. If there are people on earth who are covered by ignorance and are wasting their time in idleness when they really need nourishment, this Master feels sorry. He feels sorry that these people still want to remain in ignorance when they could easily go beyond the boundaries of ignorance. Since a spiritual Master has himself experienced all kinds of suffering, he does not consider his fellow human beings objects of pity. He identifies himself totally with them. He has realised God, but he feels that unless and until everybody is realised, he himself is imperfect and incomplete. When it is a matter of personal need, the Master does not need anything more from God, but he becomes part and parcel of humanity out of his Compassion.

He says, “I shall play the role of a father.” In a family we see that the father works very, very hard and amasses some wealth, and then his children do not have to work so hard. He gives all kinds of material help to his children, and they get the benefit of his labour. When a real spiritual Master comes into the world, he has worked very, very hard to realise the Truth, and he possesses boundless Peace, Light and Bliss in his inner life. He offers this wealth to his spiritual children, because they claim him as their very own and he claims them. Those who have established total oneness with the Master and who try to fulfil the Master according to their capacity, those who become extremely close to their Master, receive what the Master has and is. Their realisation is entirely up to the Master. It is like the case of the father who has millions of dollars. The son has pleased the father, so the father gives the son his wealth.

Again, the father will always see whether the son is capable of receiving the money and utilising it in a proper way. If the father sees that the son is going to utilise the money properly, naturally he gives the son money. But if the father sees that the son will squander ten dollars rather than use it for a divine purpose, then naturally he will not lavish his money on this worthless son. In the spiritual world it is also like that. If one is really sincere, if one feels that he can exist without everything, but not without God, then it is possible for him to realise God in one incarnation with the help of a spiritual Master, because he will properly utilise what the Master gives him.