Question: What is the difference between revelation and manifestation?

Sri Chinmoy: First we have embodiment. Inside your pocket — which means inside you — is a most delicious mango. You put your hand inside the pocket and bring out the mango and show it to me. This is revelation. Before, the mango was concealed, and now you have revealed it. Then you have to manifest it. How will you do that? You will cut it into a few pieces and share it with me and with others.

When you reveal God or Truth or Light to the world, it means that you have brought these things forward and they are there for all the world to see. But if nobody looks at what you have revealed, or if nobody accepts or understands it, then this is revelation without manifestation. Manifestation means not only to show what you have and what you are, but also to make the world see, feel, understand and accept it. This is the difference. Today’s realisation is tomorrow’s revelation. Revelation is today’s manifested realisation and tomorrow’s fulfilled manifestation.