Part III — Gratitude and the Will of the Supreme

Question: Could you speak on humility and gratitude?

Sri Chinmoy: In the spiritual life two qualities are absolutely of utmost importance. These two qualities are humility and gratitude.

Humility and gratitude. If we can add appropriate adjectives to these two words, then they will convey more height and more depth to the seeker in you, the seeker in all human beings. For humility I wish to add "sincere": sincere humility. For gratitude, I wish to add "soulful": soulful gratitude. Gratitude has to be full of the soul-consciousness; otherwise it is not gratitude. Then it becomes a tricky way of gaining something more from the person to whom we show our gratitude. But soulful gratitude is offered to someone for what we have received. Even if that person does not give us anything more in life, not even an iota of joy or love, we shall eternally remain grateful to him for what he has done. We shall always be grateful for the way his gift has added to our life of aspiration, or considerably transformed our life and carried us consciously to the highest Source. When we offer soulful gratitude, it is our eternal recognition of what we have received from someone on our eternal journey across Eternity to Infinity's shore of Beauty, Light and Delight.

The Christ and all spiritual Masters without exception have told us that humility is of constant necessity in order to make the fastest and surest progress in the spiritual life. It is necessary in order to see the Face of our Supreme Beloved, the Inner Pilot. Inner humility and gratitude are our highest achievements. When you feel humble, you feel that your body, vital and mind are responding to your soul's dictates. If you feel grateful, sincerely grateful, soulfully grateful, then you have achieved the highest achievement that the earth-consciousness can offer to the Heaven-consciousness.