Question: Can you please explain psychic emotion?

Sri Chinmoy: The psychic being can exist only in human beings. The soul is in everything: inside this wall, in the table, everywhere you can see the presence of the soul. But the psychic being you cannot see here in a piece of wool or in an animal. Only when a human being comes into existence will you see the flash of the psychic being. This psychic being is the immortal child within us. It is the representative of our inner soul. It has infinite possibilities to lead us into the highest, into the purest, into Eternity. The psychic being abides inside our heart. It is all purity, all light and all delight.

First we get the glimpse of this psychic being, and gradually we enter into the domain of the psychic being. Then we play with the psychic being, talk, mix, and do all the things we can do with our human, earthly children. The moment we see the psychic being within us, we feel that we are truly children of God. When we see our oneness with the psychic being, we feel that the psychic being is ours. This makes us feel that we are not only the perfect children of God, but also that in us is the seed that will eventually grow into God. This means that everyone without exception will one day realise God and become God. This is the message that we get from the psychic being.