Question: How can I become anchored in my purity-heart?

Sri Chinmoy: Dear Amal, you are asking everybody's question. You voice forth everybody's inner message. Now, in order to become anchored in your purity-heart, you can do two things. First try to keep a flower all the time with you and imagine that this flower is your heart's best friend. While looking at the flower. say to yourself, "How I wish my heart were as pure as this flower." That is one way.

The other way is to utter the word 'purity' most soulfully, even spelling it letter by letter. Then try to imagine that there is a hole right on top of your head and that purity, in a column of light from above, is descending into your system through your spine. When this purity-light reaches the base of your spine try to see and appreciate its descent. If you sincerely appreciate or admire something, it means that in the heart of your heart you want to possess or achieve that thing. So if you really want purity, then your sincere and soulful appreciation is bound to create new purity inside your heart, and there you can forever live.