Question: Would you say that the Invocation is to our aspiration as the Attendants' Song is to our dedication?

Sri Chinmoy: The Attendants' Song inspires and expedites the seeker-attendant's Godward march. To some extent it is true that the Invocation is all aspiration and the Attendants' Song is all dedication. Again, you have to know that dedication is nothing short of aspiration, for true aspiration is the glorious awakening of the seeker in the attendant and the glorious blossoming of the attendant's own divinity-reality based on his oneness with the Master, whose other names are attendant-lover, attendant-inspirer, attendant-fulfiller.

But you have to know that the Invocation was composed on an infinitely higher plane than the Attendants' Song. The Invocation not only knows what the Supreme has and is but also embodies Supreme the Eternal Road, Supreme the Infinite Divinity and Supreme the Immortal Reality.