Question: Guru, how can I serve you at all times soulfully?

Sri Chinmoy: You do serve me soulfully quite often. But in order to serve me soulfully all the time, two things you have to do. On the inner plane you have to develop a conscious awareness of what pleases me most. What pleases me most on the inner plane is a gratitude-heart. You do have gratitude, but this gratitude has to be increased at every moment. The expansion of gratitude is of paramount importance in every seeker's life. That is the first thing you have to do. Then, on the outer plane, every day, every hour, every minute you have to consciously feel that you exist on earth only to please your Guru in his own way. This line has to be repeated time and again: "I exist only to please my Guru in his own way." If you can do this, then at every moment you will be able to serve the Supreme in me, not only soulfully, but most soulfully; not only devotedly, but most devotedly; not only unreservedly, but most unreservedly and, finally, unconditionally.