Question: With the advent of plant steroids and the genetic restructuring of growth hormones to eliminate unwanted side effects, do you foresee an acceptance of steroid use?

Sri Chinmoy: I do not forsee anything. I only pray to God that the things that are unnatural, the things that are not healthy, the things that are damaging to the physical or subtle body, people will give up as soon as possible. Anything that is unnatural God does not approve of. The drugs that are making people stronger than the strongest on the physical plane will definitely have immediate side effects on the inner plane. On the physical plane also, slowly and steadily they will have very severe side effects.

So my ardent prayer to man and God is for people to use nothing unnatural, for these undivine things eventually will destroy them. These things may bring immediate success but they can destroy the potentialities and infinite capacities that each individual has, to do something not only for himself but for the entire humanity.