Question: What warm-up exercises do you do before you try a heavy lift?

Sri Chinmoy: First I do exercises without any weight for about 20 minutes. Then I start with 40 pounds, pressing it three times with the left hand and five times with the right hand. Then I go up to 50, 55, 60, 65 and so on up to 80 pounds. Sometimes I go up to 100 with the right hand, but with the left hand I stop at 80. So this is my warm-up. After 100, I don't do 110 or 120. I go to 145. This is for the military press.

For the leg press, I start with 40 and then go to 80, 120, 160 and 200. After 200 I go to 280, and still I am increasing.

When I lift up 40 pounds with my legs, it is like lifting a feather, and I get tremendous joy. Then that joy gives me enormous strength. The cheerful happiness that I get from 40 pounds carries me and I feel, "Oh, easily I will be able to lift 280." When I am doing 40, at that time I am thinking of 280. That joy tries to disappear a little after 200, but still a little remains. Because I lifted up 40 so easily, the little joy that remains carries me to 280.

Always it is good to start with a light weight. It gives tremendous joy and confidence. Then, as with everything in life, the joy tries to disappear. But before it disappears, you try to reach the goal.