Question: But it takes the human soul thousands of incarnations to become a divine soul.

Sri Chinmoy: Once I read a most beautiful poem. The farmer ploughed a field. Then he sowed the seed. Then he put on manure and watered the soil. Finally he said, "Mother Earth, why are you so ungrateful? How is it that everything does not germinate in one day?" Mother Earth answered, "Here you are trying consciously or unconsciously to do something, achieve something, become something, If I do everything for you, then your joy will be next to nothing."It is true that everything is done by God's Grace and it is also true that God can give you realisation overnight. You can get aspiration through God's Grace if God wants to give it; He can also give you realisation. There is some truth in this. But you have to know that if you have achieved something consciously, you will be more satisfied than if you do it unconsciously. Again, if you live in the soul, you will see that one thousand years or ten thousand years is nothing; whereas if you live in the body, each minute will seem like Eternity.