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Question: Are male and female ghosts equally bad?

Sri Chinmoy: Female ghosts are more mischievous than male ghosts; the male ghosts are usually not so destructive. Often the female ghosts take a mother's form. One disciple's mother died many years ago. One day he happened to be walking along the street near a park, when he saw the image of his mother at a distance. But it was really a female ghost. When he went closer to see his 'mother', she gave him a kick and for three days he was in the hospital. He couldn't talk to his wife or child. He was all the time trembling. If he saw his own face in a glass of water, he was frightened to death. The hospital could not help him. But I did after three days. I made a circle and wrote his name there and I chanted some mantras. Then he was cured. You can't deny the existence of ghosts. You can deny God's existence because you can't see God, but how can you deny ghosts?