Question: Why did they say they would come back in the first place? Did they forget what is was like in Heaven when they were on earth?

Sri Chinmoy: No, what bothers them is ungratefulness. But worse than that is non-acceptance. Ungratefulness they don't mind; this is the earth-consciousness. No matter what you do, people are ungrateful. Today if someone is ungrateful, the Master feels that perhaps tomorrow he will accept the light. But tomorrow also he does not accept. Then what will the spiritual Master do? When I give you something, you may not show gratitude. But if you do give me gratitude, then your strength increases, your receptivity increases, your capacity increases. If you don't, then they do not increase. What is worse, the next time when I want to give you something, you don't get it at all. At that time you reject it; you just throw it. So then what am I going to do?