Question: Are there paths to God-realisation that have never been revealed on earth?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, there is one way which has not yet been revealed: through constant, twenty-four-hour sleep. [laughter]. One way is to conquer sleep: just meditate, meditate, meditate. The other way is to sleep for twenty-four hours a day without food, without anything. You can please God in any way. If you can please God in this way, God will say, "All right, you can't think of Me; but if you can compel Me to think of you, then that is the best thing for you." This is what I am doing. I am telling my disciples, "All right, you are not thinking of me, true. But now at least try to compel me to think of you." So if you can compel me to think of you, then God-realisation comes.

There is an Indian saying that if you can criticise God at every second, if at every moment you can find fault with the Supreme in your Master, then your God-realisation will come sooner. A good disciple might say, "I am praying to you and someone else is speaking ill of you, so how can he get realisation sooner than I?" But the answer is that this so-called good disciple is praying to the Supreme in me for one second, whereas the other person is thinking of me only, at every moment. He is trying to dig my grave, but just because I am immortal, he won't be able to dig my grave. But I have so much compassion that just because he is thinking of me all the time, I will give him illumination.

But it must be done in one of these ways. Either I have to think of you or you have to think of me. If you don't think of me, then you have to do such divine or undivine things that I will be compelled to think of you.