Question: Suppose the earth was blown up?

Sri Chinmoy: All right, let us say that a scientist has created the most destructive weapon on earth. But we have to know that this scientist is under the guidance of a force, although it may be a destructive force. The spiritual Will, the divine Will, has the capacity to enter into the destructive force itself and change the plan. You are at the mercy of your human will. This moment you think that something is very good, the next moment you think it is very bad. If the divine Force, divine Guidance, enters into your mind and says that destruction is very bad, then you will change your mind.

God has given us power, but this power is limited. You are making a weapon. But who, after all, has given you this capacity? Suppose some very strong force has possessed you and you are about to strike a few persons. But before you strike, I can enter into your mind if I want to, and immediately I will be able to change your mind. Then, that very power you will use to embrace others instead of using it to kill them. But again, God tolerates many things.

But no matter how great the weapon — whether it is an atom bomb or hydrogen bomb or anything — it has not come right out of the blue. It is human beings who have created it and human beings who are going to use it. And the Supreme will not allow human beings to destroy the world. It is His creation, after all. Right now the human beings are playing. It is like when you use firecrackers on Independence Day. Although the game is very serious in the Eye of the Supreme this plot of destruction is just like a group of children playing with firecrackers. The world cannot be destroyed. A third world war will not destroy the entire world; that is absurd. It cannot be! Yes, when there is war, the consciousness drops; this is absolutely true. Even if the countries are not directly involved, their consciousness drops. But the world will not be destroyed.