Question: Was it the Jewish people's collective karma for supposedly killing Christ?

Sri Chinmoy: Some spiritual Masters become exasperated when people talk about karma. Millions of innocent Hindus have been killed by the Muslims. Do you think that was all due to their karma? Our doctor in India was so kind and compassionate to the poor Muslims. They could not afford his fee, but he used to give them his services for free. They always used to call him "father" and "brother." They were so affectionate to him and he was so affectionate to them.

Then politics entered, and Muslims felt that Hindus are very bad and Hindus felt that Muslims are very bad. So the doctor, who wanted to save hundreds and thousands of lives and who offered his services to the Muslims free, was killed. By whom? By these very same Muslims. He was cut into one hundred eight pieces, and then the pieces were hung in the mango tree of the doctor's house, right in his backyard, in front of his wife and children. Now look at this! Will you say that it was because of that doctor's karma? He saved so many lives. You may say that in his previous incarnations he did something wrong, and in this incarnation he is getting the result. But that was not the case. Ignorant, undivine, hostile forces are all around. So they caught hold of these Muslims, and in the name of politics they acted. They were led to think that the Hindus are very bad. So they said, "Now let us kill him. After all, Hindus are very bad." What he did all his life to help them and save them was totally forgotten. Just because he was a Hindu, he was killed.