Question: When you put a force on someone, sometimes it remains for a few months. How do you keep the force there?

Sri Chinmoy: The disciple assimilates it. When you eat food, you assimilate the food. Likewise, you have to assimilate my blessing with gratitude. After you eat, you don't run; you lie down or remain quiet. Similarly, when you receive something spiritual — Peace, Light or Bliss — you have to remain calm and quiet for some time. Once you have assimilated it, it becomes solid; it becomes part and parcel of your existence. Once it is assimilated, it remains inside your consciousness, inside your system forever.

My force comes from the soul, but if receptivity is not there to receive it, then no assimilation takes place. Most of the time, if I use spiritual power, assimilation is accomplished very fast. Receptivity very few people have got. It pains me when even the dear ones don't receive. When eighth-class disciples don't receive, I say, "Well, they are the worst students." But when first-class disciples don't receive, then either I scold them or I feel that my power is not enough. If my power is absolutely useless for them, then how can other disciples receive it?

The son of one of my dearest disciples had leukaemia. The doctor said it was only a matter of a few hours. The hospital had given up hope; her son was dying. But compassion is such that I said, "How long will it take you to go to the hospital?" She said, "Five or ten minutes." I said, "See what happens in twenty minutes!" In half an hour, do you believe that this boy came out of his coma? For the first time, his father gave me the broadest smile. The son just waved at me with his left hand and said, "Thank you, Guru." This is human gratitude.