Question: If we shake you, will we get our realisation soon also?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly. If you shake me you will get realisation soon. But it has to be a proper shake, so that I know who is shaking me. Sometimes the soul or spirit of somebody else will come and write a book through somebody else who is in the body. A great Master wrote a book like that. It was about a hundred-page book. In Mother India's Lighthouse, I have written an article about the person whose spirit came and actually wrote the book. But this Master took credit. He knew that it was someone else's spirit, but at first he took the credit. The first edition was published under his own name. Then later he became sincere and said, "No, it was not my writing; it was so and so who came and wrote it."

Many have done it. They ask the spirit to write down whole books — not a few pages, but hundreds of pages. The spirits will dictate and they write it all down. Then the spirit disappears; so how will anyone know that somebody else came? So the person in the physical takes the credit. Who is going to check?