The heart's truth

Knowing the truth is a matter of identification. We see the truth and immediately we feel the truth; finally we become the truth. We know the truth through inner recognition. If we feel that we have to scrutinise the truth to see what it looks like or how many years it has been in existence, then we will never know the truth.

Truth is universal. The Christ said, "Let Thy Will be done." In the Indian gospels also we see surrender to God's Will. It is the same truth, only we are using different languages. You say 'water' and I say jal in Bengali and somebody else will say agua in Spanish, but the water remains the same. Truth is always the same. You and I see the sun. I will call it one thing and you may call it something else. But the sun itself is the same. You use a word which I do not know and I use a word which you do not know, but behind the word is the concept, the reality, and that reality is the sun. Who can deny the sunlight? You can't deny it and I can't deny it.

If we live in the heart, then we are bound to know the universal concept, because the heart is all oneness. But if we live in the mind, it will all be division. Let us say that you are an Italian and I am an Indian. If we live in the mind, we shall fight. But if we live in the heart, we will see that we are both God's children. If God has two sons, one may be tall and one may be short. But they are both going together to the same goal because they live in the heart. If they live in the mind, then the one who is short will be jealous of the one who is tall. But if they live in the heart, they will see that they are like the little finger and the thumb. My little finger is much weaker than my thumb, but they have established their oneness. The little finger does not feel miserable because it is weaker than the thumb. No, the little finger feels that they go together. The little finger is just like a little brother. The elder brother is walking and the little brother is also walking. The little brother does not feel miserable because he is little, for he knows that he and his elder brother are one. They are going towards the same destination. This realisation we get only when we live in the heart and not in the mind.